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What’s new in Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster?
Check out our news, interesting information and events we are promoting!

Free online training „Company succession - inheritance planning, protection of the entrepreneur's assets"

Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster took patronage over the online event organized by the Law Firm "Vertex Securing" and "ACCESS Szkolenia".
2020-10-29 14:54:04

IDC Manufacturing Forum 2020

The Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster took patronage over the online event "IDC Manufacturing Forum 2020".
2020-10-23 15:00:52

6th Congress of Polish Clusters

On 9-10th November 2020, the 6th Congress of Polish Clusters will be held in Szczecin. It is organized by the Association West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster „Green Chemistry” and the Polish Clusters Association.
2020-10-22 15:00:12

AHK Industrial Suppliers Forum 2020

AHK Industrial Suppliers Forum 2020 is the European Industry Suppliers Forum, organized in the form of a virtual fair, which will take place on 19th November 2020.
2020-10-20 12:00:43

Economic Cooperation Base

Together with the Regional Development Agency of Toruń, we invite Cluster Members to take advantage of the possibility of establishing foreign cooperation via the Economic Cooperation Base.
2020-10-16 13:00:31

Polish Clusters Association

We would like to inform that Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster has acceded to Polish Clusters Association. It is an institution associating the most relevant clusters in Poland.
2020-10-08 15:00:32

About the Maintenance in the group of specialists - free Technical Conference in Toruń

Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster took patronage over the online conference organized by Axon Media Group Sp. z o.o. s.k.
2020-10-07 15:00:33

6th edition of the project entitled "Professional visits"

Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster has started another edition of the project concerning the promotion of technical and vocational education as well as the tool and processing industry in the region.
2020-09-25 13:00:54

The international conference „SNA Investment Summit 2020”

We would like to invite you to participate in the international conference "SNA Investment Summit 2020", which will be held online on 22-25th October 2020.
2020-09-15 12:54:04

Pro-export conferences and cooperation exchanges "EXPORT - ON!"

The Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster as a partner of the event invites you to the series of pro-export conferences and online cooperation exchanges for entrepreneurs organized by the Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency - "EXPORT-ON!".
2020-09-01 10:05:17