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Economic Cooperation Base
2020-10-16 13:00:31
Together with the Regional Development Agency of Toruń, we invite Cluster Members to take advantage of the possibility of establishing foreign cooperation via the Economic Cooperation Base.

The resources of the base include entries of companies seeking cooperation in the purchase or sale of products and services, as well as offers relating to technology (also in terms of purchase and sale). Cluster members can use the base offer in two ways: to find contractors or by placing their own entry in it. Regardless of whether the goal is to look for a partner for cooperation or to place your own offer, the service does not involve any payment.

The offers in the base are coded under unique numbers. Decoding takes place with the consent of the entity submitting the offer to the database. In order to decode the offer, please contact with Mr. Piotr Popielarz, the consultant of the Enterprise Europe Network office, who is at your disposal by calling +48 56 699 54 83 or by e-mail: piotr.popielarz@tarr.org.pl.

You can view the offers in the base by clicking the Partnering Opportunities Database link.

Some of them are posted for you on our BIC Information Exchange Platform in the COOPERATIONS tab. We encourage you to read.

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