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About the Maintenance in the group of specialists - free Technical Conference in Toruń
2020-10-07 15:00:33
Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster took patronage over the online conference organized by Axon Media Group Sp. z o.o. s.k.

Free Technical Conference in Toruń "Reliability and Maintenance in manufacturing plants " in Toruń is an event conducted by practitioners who have experience in implementing effective UR ​​solutions and will share their knowledge of effective tools supporting the achievement of the highest production standards.

Efficient management of the machine park means less downtime in production and longer operation of devices. In a word: saving. One day is enough to take advantage of the know-how for industry and see good engineering and production practices. The diagnostics with the use of  ultrasound measurement, thermal insulation, laser alignment of machines, an evaluation of compressed air systems, lubrication automation, measurement and control systems, the use of thermovision, periodic and special machine inspections required by law are just a few issues from the wide program of the event.

The practical part of the issues raised during the lecture can be expanded during two parallel workshop sessions devoted to ultrasonic monitoring of the condition of machines and the IO-Link communication interface.

Additionally, at consulting stands you will be able to meet representatives of the most important companies in the maintenance industry.

Date: 7th October 2020
Place: Filmar Hotel, Grudziądzka Street 39-43, Toruń
Cost: Free of charge, online registration required.

In addition, bearing in mind the common comfort and above all safety, all recommended sanitary and hygienic standards will be implemented during the event, including the obligation to cover the mouth and nose, appropriate distancing, regular disinfection, ventilation of the rooms and air purification with advanced equipment.

Detailed information and online registration

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