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AMULET 2nd Open Call!
2023-01-16 15:08:20
The human impact on the environment is becoming more and more important for consumers, many industrial sectors are taking conscious action to reduce CO2 emissions and sustainable development.

The project Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United for LightwEighT, with the acronym AMULET, aims to benefit from the innovation potential of SMEs that will be creating new value chains by fostering the penetration of advanced lightweight materials in four sectors: automotive, aerospace and aeronautics, energy, and building.

Open Calls

The AMULET will organize 2 Open Calls to enhance this innovation potential of SMEs through a cross sectors and funded knowledge exchange. 

2nd Open Call was launched on 10th January 2023 and it will be opened until 22nd March 2023!

What are the benefits for SMEs?

AMULET will select a consortium of max 3 SMEs that will receive up to 120K€ (60K€ for SME), plus funding and business training support.

The SMEs will have to demonstrate their compromise to develop bottom-up projects that address the development and implementation of activities around technology and systems applicable to 4 sectors: automotive, aerospace&aeronautics, energy, and building and 3 materials: fibre-reinforced polymers, ceramic matrix composites and light metal alloys.

The trans-European project AMULET aims to enhance the innovation potential of SMEs through a cross-sector and funded knowledge exchange. For this reason, the second Open Call of the project will be selecting consortia of minimum 2 and maximum 3 legal entities including exclusively SMEs to lead bottom-up projects that address the development and implementation of demonstration activities around technology and systems applicable to the 12 challenge areas given.

AMULET will encourage the development of solutions to challenges that are currently blocking the penetration and market uptake of three main advanced materials for lightweighting in the four strategic sectors. Linking innovations from one sector into another value chain can effectively result in new solutions and opportunities, thereby building new industrial value chains.

3 Matchmaking events to build innovative SMEs consortia

The Amulet project has organised three important networking opportunities for SMEs interested in participating in the Open Call. SMEs will be able to participate in three matchmaking events, and use the platform to meet other companies to work together on their project.

Apply here to AMULET before 22nd March 2023, 17.00 Brussels Time.

Register now HERE at the EVENTIA PLATFORM for the AMULET INFO DAY!



The AMULET consortium consists of 7 clusters:  POLYMERIS (FR) which is the project’s coordinator, Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley (PL), Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia (ES), IMAST (IT), West Hungarian Engineering Cluster (HU), Clust-ER MECH (IT), Moravian-Silesian Automobile Cluster (CZ), 4 RTOs: Chemnitz University of Technology (DE), Jožef Stefan Institute (SI), Flanders Make (BE), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and 2 SMEs: FundingBox (PL) and Bax&Company (ES).

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