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Summary of the conference of the tooling and processing industry "Injection mold and its surroundings"
2023-04-17 13:19:53
On 12-13 April 2023, the tool and process industry conference was held.

Intense two days! Seven thematic blocks! Specialistic knowledge! Establishing new business contacts! Integration!

This is how we would sum up the conference that is now behind us. During two days of lectures, they shared their knowledge, solutions and experience with the participants. It was a time of interesting discussions and establishing new business contacts.

During the conference, the speakers presented seven thematic blocks to the participants:

1.Designing injection molds

2. Tool steels and their processing

3. Measurements and quality control

4. Alternative technologies in the tool industry

5. Hot runner systems and standard parts for moulds

6. Cleaning and regeneration of moulds

7. Research and development projects.

In addition, during the conference, an information day was held on the project "Artificial Intelligence & BlockChain for a greener and more digital economy supported by EUROpean CLUSTERS", which received funding under the Single Market Program (SMP COSME).


The conference was very popular - about 200 participants from over 150 companies.





The culmination of the first day of the conference was an evening meeting in the industrial spaces of the Lloyd's Factory in Bydgoszcz.





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