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LUK-PLAST Łukasz Kubczak, Sławomir Kubczak sp. z o.o.
LUK-PLAST Łukasz Kubczak, Sławomir Kubczak sp. z o.o.
Łukasz Kubczak - Właściciel
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The mission of LUK-PLAST Łukasz Kubczak, Sławomir Kubczak s.c. is to achieve the position of a strong partner for manufacturers of plastic products in Poland and abroad. We base our production on 5 lines for granulation and the crew of 30 qualified staff. The beginning of our activity in the industry is 1998 and with each passing year we try to implement new technologies offering high quality materials as well as professional customer service. Modern machine park and clean post-production, waste allows for the production of full-value re-granulates and adjustment of their parameters to the customer’s needs. We provide reliable cooperation and offer our own transport. The extensive warehouse facilities allow us to carry out orders from day to day. We have all the relevant decisions and authorisations that guarantee us to operate in accordance with the provisions of Polish law in the interest of the environment and issue documents confirming the recovery and recycling.