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Krzysztof Gromkowski -Prezes Zarządu
Postępu 20, Mościska

KGL S.A. is a supplier of thermoplastic polymer granules and a producer of plastic food packaging and production tools (molds) for thermoforming and injection molding machines. Thanks to over twenty years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee you the highest level of service. A team of competent employees, ready to take on new challenges, is at your disposal. At KGL, we are aware of changes that are taking place in the environment of clients, including social expectations related to greater companies responsibility for the natural environment. That is why we support clients in all processes of transition to greener solutions, maintaining the highest efficiency of the company.

The strategic goal of the KGL S.A. is to support clients in the development of their business by supplying plastic raw materials, films and packaging as well as production tools. We are constantly expanding the range of offered products on the basis of marketing research and the needs of our clients. Above all, we strive to ensure that the company's logo and name are associated with reliability and the highest quality.

Development strategy of the KGL S.A. is based on a comprehensive offer of services, regardless of whether it is granules, foil, packaging or tool production, we offer support at the stage of product design, selection of raw materials for production, tool construction, production and up to delivery of products to our clients' plants.