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OTINUS POLSKA sp. z o.o.
OTINUS POLSKA sp. z o.o.
Michał Obrzut
ul. K. Szajnochy 11
The "Otinus" brand belongs to the P.W. REMASZ Michał Obrzut company. We manufacture and sell machines for sheet metal processing. As a thriving family company with traditions, we have many years of experience in helping Customers. We have been building a solid foundation for our company since 2010 through hard work and having a clear vision. We are committed to ensuring that sense of security and professionalism are identified with our brand. 
We offer a wide range of sheet metal processing machines including:
• Otinus CNC plasma cutting machines
• Otinus CNC plasma&gas cutting machines
• Otinus Fiber laser cutting machines
• Otinus NC press brakes
• Otinus CNC press brakes
• Otinus hydraulic shearing machines
• Plasma handheld cutters
• Compressors and air dryers
• Consumables
The products of the brand "Otinus" are of high quality. Our specialists will assist you in choosing the machine that best suits your needs.
Implementation and upholding the "We serve you" standard is the trademark that distinguishes us from the competitors. This motto has guided us from the beginning and shows that the Customer's benefit is of the utmost importance. We guarantee you "peace of mind" from the moment of commissioning a new machine to its daily operation.
Nothing is impossible for the Otinus brand. Distance, borders, language barriers and restrictions caused by the global pandemic are not a problem. We have introduced many solutions so that we can always assist our Customers by remote installations and user training. We perform demonstrations both online and for Clients at our showroom, which usually accelerates the Customer's decision to cooperate with us. We can also carry out a specific machine test run based on submitted technical drawings and send you the testing samples.
Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive information and help you choose the best solutions for your company. We always make sure that the machine meets Customer expectations and the Otinus brand is associated with safety.