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Dopak Sp.z o.o.
Dopak Sp.z o.o.
Ursula Steiner - Prezes Zarządu
ul. Kwiatkowskiego 5a

Dopak has been supporting the plastics processing industry with its knowledge for 26 years, providing comprehensive support at every stage - both in the design phase of an injection molding plant and in the implementation of new products and in the process of expanding and improving existing solutions.

The company's product range includes: hydraulic and electric injection molding machines, peripheral equipment (dryers, vacuum loaders, dosing units, slow speed granulaters, containers, transporters), recycling lines, robots, cooling systems, blow molding machines and central feeding and drying systems.

A base of proven and reputable auxirialy equipment and machine manufacturers such as KraussMaffei, ONI, BBM, Digicolor, MO.DI.TEC guarantee excellent quality and project success.

The company specializes in the comprehensive implementation of the entire technological solution, from the design of injection molding plants and the installation of complete technological lines through service, repair and spare parts sales to long-term cooperation and a range of additional services. Thanks to its knowledge and extensive experience in serving customers in various industries and production specifics, the company is able to meet even the most difficult challenges in modernizing or optimizing existing production processes.

Since 2022, Dopak has operated a Research and Development Center, where it provides training services in plastics processing, modern technologies, as well as operation and programming of machines and robots. At the Research and Development Center, which we operate at our headquarters in Wroclaw, customers can get expert support in the technological development of new products and improvement of injection-molded and composite products. The center also makes it possible to manufacture test and pilot products on advanced automatic lines with a closing force of 500 to 5500 kN.
The offer of the Dopak company is complemented by an online store: e-shop.dopak.pl where, customers can purchase a wide range of products necessary for the operation of production processes: spare parts for machines, technical chemistry and equipment for industrial facilities and warehouses.