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ALKAZ Plastics S.A
ALKAZ Plastics S.A
Paweł Wołodkowicz
Lubelska 30a

ALKAZ Plastics SA manufactures tooling for injection molding and produces plastic components on injection molding machines. Our company specializes in tooling production for a wide range of industries such as automotive, electrotechnical, construction, electronic, medical, etc. Molds are being produced in professional tool shops in China according to the customer`s requirements and standards. Each stage of tool manufacturing is supervised by ALKAZ employees in China. An experienced team of engineers and modern injection molding machine park allow us to build highly complicated molds.


ALKAZ Plastics offers:

  • prototype tooling including prototype parts
  • molds for series production with high precision
  • molds for overmolding and 2k molds
  • multiple cavity molds and family tools
  • precise and professional technical analysis, DFM, mold flow, feasibility study
  • complex mold sets, for example, 30 molds in one project manufactured within about 8-10 weeks


Injection molding factory is working on production of parts from different kinds of technical raw material like PA6, PC, POM, PMMA, ABS, PBT etc.

Our production complies with high quality of both visual and technical side of the component. We are also able to produce from tooling transferred to us from the Customers, and, of course, tooling produced to the Customers by ALKAZ. Components are produced from raw material for almost each application and design complexity. Our factory works 24 hours a day with 5 days per week in 3 shifts. Quality control according to ISO 9001:2015 is the most important thing based on which each process and production step is taking place at our factory. Our production capabilities allow us to produce parts for low series and high runner projects as well. Machine park includes machines from 70t up to 1200t clamping force. In 2023 we plan purchasing of new machines which gives up possibility to increase our production capacity by 30%. The biggest injection molding machine will be for 2100t clamping force.