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RubberTyRec: Development of a technology for the production of new, non-hazardous materials from recyclates of used tires

The worldwide tire input volume is 1,5 billion pieces per year. In future the recycling (work-material utilization) will be put over the energetic recycling. The increasing legal tightening in Germany and the EU makes the market access for products from used tires recyclates more difficult. To ensure sustainability and competitiveness by saving resources in the future, this project will create technical, economic and ecological boundary conditions for the use of recyclates in new material systems.

Main research:

  • use of different processing procedures in order to grind used tires to rubber powder,
  • comprehensive chemical investigations regarding the pollutant content in rubber powder and reference products,
  • development of new recycling concepts to expand sales opportunities for waste tire recyclates and new material systems,
  • realization of a new mixing technology that is suitable for large scale production with fine rubber powders (grain sizes <0,4 mm) up to high fill levels (up to 70% by weight),
  • development, construction and implementation of a prototype plant for the implementation of the new mixing technology,
  • conception of a plant for large-scale production and evaluation of new sales markets.

The project consortium consists of seven German and four Polish partners.

Duration of the project: 1.01.2018 – 31.12.2019.