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European Lightweight Cluster Alliance - COSME

Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster is one of the partners of the project entitled "European Lightweight Cluster Alliance", which received funding under the COSME Cluster Go International programme.

The project lider is AMZ (Automotive Supplier Network Saxony) and other partners are: Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster (BIC), CLUSTER-MECH (Associazione Clust-ER Meccatronica e Motoristica), MAV (Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia) and POLYM (Polymeris). Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster as the only organisation from Poland is a member of the international consortium.

The aim of the project is to prepare an international marketing strategy by a consortium created by five European industry clusters, establish cooperation between member companies of all clusters, prepare a joint offer and establish contacts with automotive, aero&aeronautics, railway and maritime concerns and also to promote European solutions in the field of light structures in transport, which aims at the reduction of CO2 emission and increase recycling, and thus fits into the concept of the circular economy.

The result of the project will be a common brand "Lightweight made in Europe" created by the consortium and its promotion by opening to the markets of the USA, Japan, as well as India and Latin America, signing cooperation agreements and development of R&D cooperation. To achieve these goals, will be organized 22 economic missions to these regions and 18 national and regional events related to the subject of the project.

The project implementation has started on 1st September 2020 and will last 24 months.